Webcam Spanish water Jan Thiel

This webcam overlooks the Spanish water of Jan Thiel.
In the picture you can start the webcam: this takes on average a minute, so be patient 😉

The lagoon Spanish Water and Place in Curaçao is located to the east of Willemstad and includes several bays and islands.

The area is rich in history, with Fort Beekenburg and Table Mountain on the lagoon. Originally the Spanish Water was a military strategic location and the fort was built in 1703 to protect the natural harbor and the back entrance to Willemstad. The fort was attacked several times, but never captured.

In 1927, Shell built an oil terminal on Spanish Water, making the fort inaccessible. During World War II, the fort became operational again to protect the oil terminal and was closed in 2005.

In the second half of the 20th century, Spanish Water became a popular tourist destination surrounded by villa parks and resorts. The neighborhoods of Banda Ariba, Jan Sofat, Jan Thiel, Santa Barbara and the town of the same name are former plantations, and the Spaanse Water geozone is the most prosperous region of Curaçao with a population in which 40% are people of immigrant background, mostly European Dutch.

Spanish Water also offers hotels, marinas and a golf course.